Hot & Spicy  
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Hot Entree


Served w. hot plate w. miso soup, white rice
Chicken Teriyaki 12.95
Salmon Teriyaki 15.95
Steak Teriyaki 16.95
Shrimp Teriyaki 15.95


Served w. Miso Soup
Vegetable Combo Tempura (10 pcs) 10.95
Shrimp (4 pcs) & Vegetable (6 pcs) Tempura 14.95
Chicken (4 pcs) & Vegetable (6 pcs) Tempura 14.95
Shrimp (8 pcs) Tempura 14.95
Chicken Katsu 13.95
Pork Katsu 13.95
Tempura Combo
2 pcs chicken, 2 pcs shrimp, 8 pcs veg.

Dinner Bento Box

Served w. miso soup, 2 pcs gyoza, California roll, 1 shrimp tempura and 4 mixed vegetable tempura, white rice
Chicken Teriyaki Dinner Bento Box 15.95
Steak Teriyaki Dinner Bento Box 17.95
Salmon Teriyaki Dinner Bento Box 17.95
Shrimp Teriyaki Dinner Bento Box 17.95
Sushi Dinner Bento Box(5 pcs) 17.95
Sashimi Dinner Bento Box (6 pcs) 17.95


Flavor of Choice: Classic, Shoyu, Miso.
Noodle: Ramen Noodle or Udon. Served w. seasonal mix vegetable, menma, scallion, egg, nori
Organic Vegetable Ramen or Udon 8.95
Porkloin Chashu Ramen or Udon 10.95
Marinated Braised Pork Belly Ramen or Udon 10.95
Shrimp Tempura Ramen or Udon 11.95
Seafood Ramen or Udon
Scallop, shrimp, mussel, fish cake